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If you currently don't play or just play a little ...
If you want to play and create music for your own enjoyment ...
If you are interested in improving neural pathways in the brain and developing coordination between eyes, ears, arms, hands, fingers and feet ...
If you want to develop skills that will lead to self-expression, personal growth, and a feeling of joy, balance and achievement ...
If you want to understand how music works, learn new pieces more quickly, or begin composing ...

... I can help you achieve your goals.

Click here for tips on choosing the best piano teacher for you or your child.

The term for lessons runs from September to May and includes a combination of private and group lessons.   As a certified Ultimate Music Theory teacher I also offer group and private lessons in Preliminary, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments for children and adults.  During the summer months, I offer a Musical Adventures program for beginners, Creative Composition classes for students who want to explore the art of writing music, theory classes from Pre-Rudiments to Advanced Rudiments, and private lessons for those wishing to extend the year beyond the May year-end.

Please contact me to inquire about lesson availability in the fall.  When registering for lessons, parents and students are expected to agree to established studio policies.  Parents can also download tips on how to get the most out of music lessons

"Thank you for the spectacular piano recital last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thought each and every student performed exceptionally well, and it was a nice relaxed atmosphere.  Thank you for investing your musical talent and abilities into these kids.  You're a great teacher!"

"Thanks so much for your awesome teaching, flexibility and ... everything else!  We'll be Bach again next year"

"Thank you for your dedication in music and for sharing your knowledge to the kids."

"[My daughter] came home beaming with joy.  I really appreciate that you provided this excellent opportunity to learn to play Christmas music on the piano, make some new friendships, be well fed and well cared for with kindness.   What a wonderful experience!"  
- parent of a Christmas Music Adventure Camp participant

RMM (Recreational Music Making®) classes for adults and Beginner Music Theory classes are offered in short, manageable blocks. The focus of RMM is on having fun in a stress-free environment.  If you've always wanted to play the piano or you regret quitting as a child, you'll be right at home in an RMM group.  If you sing in a choir but want to know what those squiggles mean, or if you want to better support your child in lessons, the work-at-your-own-pace theory lessons will give you a solid start.  You're never to old and it's never too late to learn!  

"I was so nervous that having absolutely no previous piano playing experience would make it really difficult to learn, however I was pleasantly surprised.  Joan truly starts with her students at the very foundation of skill-building, teaching notes, rhythm and key basics at a pace that suits each student.   I would most definitely recommend this course to other adult beginners."  - Rebecca, age 29

"It's wonderful to have a class with just adult learners.  It was lots of fun working and learning in a group.  Being in a group is great for motivation and it really helps start a practice routine at home."   -  Tara, age 39

"Perfect size.  Great to hear each other's opinions and questions and to see the different skill levels.  The class never moved forward if there still uncertainties in our development of what was being learned.  Joan, you have been a great encourager ... thank you so much!"  -  Sonya

"I have wanted to learn how to play piano since childhood and your class has made this dream come true."       - Helen, age 57

"The group setting not only added to the social aspect but enhanced discussions.  The whole experience was a lot of fun"  - Vivian, age 64

"I would recommend this class to other adult beginners.  It was great!"  -  Ken, age 69
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